Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teacher Gifts

I made these cute Candy Bar Sliders for the children to give to thier teachers on the first day of school. I got the idea from a youtube video. Thanks Dawn! When I figure out how to add links and videos I will feature it in my Fave. For now I can give you my version of the Recipe.

The video tutorial I got the idea from used Stamping Up materials but I used:

6 x 6 white cardstock

5 x 6 patterned paper

2 x 4 white cardstock


stamps or other items to decorate with.

I scored the white cardstock at 1/4" and 3 1/4". I also did this for the patterned paper. Make sure to score the patterned paper on the 6" side not the 5" side. I then took the patterned paper and adhered it to the white cardstock aligning the score lines together. Next I creased the score lines. I then ran my atg along the outside of the 1/4 crease. At this point I wrapped the cardstock around fastening together. I decorated the 2 x 4 cardstock with an apple stamp and crayons. I figured it fit for the "back to school/teacher theme". Of course, it can be decorated to suit. Adhere the 2x4 piece to the wrapper. Next punch a hole; I just used a hand punch. Then I threaded the ribbon through. Finally slide the Hershy candy bar into the slider and ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a prettyful bow and make another person smile!

On another set that I did not take a picture of, I added a layer of red cardstock under the 2x4 white stamped cardstock. I also used my Martha Stewart Corner Punches. They looked extra fancy, I wish I had taken a picture of those to share.