Friday, May 28, 2010


I got some things accomplished over my last two days off. I managed to get my daughter to a doctors appointment and filled her prescription. I spoke with two schools in reguard to some teenaged education issues. I managed to spend movie time with the boys without falling asleep halfway through the movie. I managed to kill zombies with my oldest son. We make a great team when it comes to defending ourselves against the infected. I took the entire family out for Chinese dinner one night and ordered pizza the next night for dinner. I ran to the post office and mailed my swap cuts off. This was a Must Do; I did not want to get my stuff mailed out too late and be called a "Flaker" on my favorite message board. I even managed to re-arrange my bedroom/office/scraproom.
To some people this may seem like a pretty light couple of days but for me that is alot of tasks complete. I feel very accomplished. I have a very hard time staying awake through an entire movie. It does not matter how good the movie is or how much I wanted to see it; I'm falling asleep almost everytime. It has been a long time since I got a chance to spend time playing video games with my son. He is a game fanatic so I try to do the things that he likes to do. It's also nice that I spent time with my teen daughter and we had no arguements. Sometimes not disagreeing with a teen female can be a rare occurance. I also took alot of time totally reorganizing my bedroom. I really do have too much stuff crammed into one room. I don't know about anyone else but sometimes when I clean I make an even bigger mess than what I started with. I also have really heavy furniture. I still have to do some more organizing but that will have to wait until this weekend is over with. I will be working this entire weekend. You won't hear me complaining though; I feel accomplished.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No matter what, I'm pretty sure I will be okay

I am going to keep that in mind right now. I have a lot of things on my mind right now. I just need to keep telling myself that no matter what I will be okay. I have dealt with worse. I have a great support system. I will be okay!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

She works hard for the money so you better treat her right

I am so thankful that God has provided me with a good job. It is not the best job but it is not labor intensive, it pays decent and the benefits are decent. I must say that working all of this overtime is making me feel guilty and exhausted. It is just too hard to walk away from the money...we could really use it around our house. Of course Im sure that every household is like that. I have never met anyone that said they had too much money. If you ever run across that person though, please send them my way. Until then I guess I will just be happy that the good lord not only provided me with a good job, but he is also providing me with the chance to work overtime and have a little extra money. I really would rather be at home hanging out with my beautiful family right now though. I miss my kids. I could be scrapbooking right now instead of hanging out on scrapbook sites. "Sigh" I have so many things on my mind right now.........I need to just focus on the positive and be thankful

Friday, May 21, 2010

Disney Swap Characters

This is what I am mailing off for a Disney Swap from the message board. I sure hope that I did this right. I really don't have alot of time open to do things like this so when there is something that does not go exactly as planned.....well I'm sure I don't have to tell you. I think that we all face the same issues in life. Okay here goes...let's see what happens.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So excited

Im so excited! I have two followers. Not only do I love scrapbooking but I also love the scrapbook communtiy. Scrapbookers are so friendly; I love this bunch. When I say Scrapbooker, I am also including crafters from all walks. I would not want to leave anyone out. I remember at one time I was part of a scrapbooking group.
We all had so much fun. We would pack all of our supplies into the van, which was a chore. We would haul all of our stuff to the church that was about an hour away. We would then unpack all of our supplies and set everything up on our table. Now keep in mind this is when the Sizzix was a hot item. As some may know the Sizzix is very heavy. All of the die cut templates are not light either. Scrapbookers must have strong arms and backs. People would start to arrive around 6pm and we would end up stayng till the wee hours of the morning. It was nothing for us to stroll into the house giggling at 3am. Now maybe we would get a lot of pages accomplished or maybe we would manage to create a few tags. It is also quite possible that our scissors would not a scrap touch. We did have a chance to visit with friends, share ideas, partake in fellowship and sharing the Word. Prayer time brought everyone closer as we shared our troubles and triumphs. I miss my old scrap group!
One other thing that I am excited about is that I just signed up for a swap. It will entail creating a Journal. This should be fabulous fun. I can't wait to have a night off so I can start my project. Happy Scrappin' gals!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Advice

So I just received great advice from some pretty clever gals. I read posts from these gals quite often on the Cricut Message Board. The advice that was given was to make my blg my own. To have whatever I felt I needed it to be. I was told that it didn't matter if I had edited videos or great how-to craft recipes or uploaded pictures of perfect projects. All that mattered was that I had fun with it. That is my goal. I am going to have fun with it. Maybe you will not see it as fun in the same way as I do, but that's okay. Invite me to your blog and I will enjoy yours too. Thanks CD and EnableMe

In Over My Head

I decided to create my very own blog. At first I thought it would be a great idea but after viewing some of your blog spots I feel like I am in way over my head. I have no idea what I am doing here. Now I could just put a kabash on the whole matter or I could dive right in. I think I will cointinue with what I have started and give it a try. Please forgive me because my blog page is not as beautiful as most, forgive me because I don't have how-to videos or clever how-to projects. I have not set out with any goals and I don't have fabulous prizes to give away. YET! I feel humbled that you gave my blog a glance and I am happy to be part of a community that I enjoy completely. Thank You