Friday, May 21, 2010

Disney Swap Characters

This is what I am mailing off for a Disney Swap from the message board. I sure hope that I did this right. I really don't have alot of time open to do things like this so when there is something that does not go exactly as planned.....well I'm sure I don't have to tell you. I think that we all face the same issues in life. Okay here goes...let's see what happens.

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  1. OMGosh I did it, I did it! I am so thrilled that something went right for me! Here it is folks; my first photo uploaded onto my blog. I bet if I looked in the mirror right now, I would see a smile on my face. Not only is this my first uploaded photo but this is the final product for my first swap. Now I'm not sure if you can see the detail in the photo but there is texture in each character. For Rabbit I used this fuzzy paper. For Snow White, I used a black velvet paper. Pluto has a glossy tongue from this (oh I can't remember what it is called) gloss stuff I added. Pluto also has eyelets on his collar. I really enjoyed making these cuties. I used my Cricut and the Disney cartrideges. I used my Xyron and my Xyron X which made production pretty easy. I am a little nervous. I hope that my finished product is comparable to everyone else that is in the swap. Now onto my next project which is a handmade journal for a swap. I really need to stop signing up for overtime. My work schedule is crazy enough already but the money is too good to walk away from.