Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wow I guess I have really neglected my blog. I have been on vacation for quite some time. I must say that it feels nice to be able to sit at home and enjoy my house. I like visiting places and enjoy taking my family to different places. I am not sure that they appreciate it fully though. We went to Chicago and walked clear from the Water Tower Mall to Millinium Park. We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe and visited The American Girl store. We spent a day at Adler Planitarium also. We also went to JellyStone Campground in Eureka Mo and Six Flags. I like the cabins that we rent there. They are fully equiped which makes it easy for me. Some of the kids even had a chance to pick eggs from the hen house and ride the tractor at a relatives farm. I will have to post some pictures on my facebook. Maybe I can post some here too. Any one interested in seeing vacation pictures?