Monday, July 19, 2010

Way Too Easy

So this is going to be a long story; here goes. Sometimes I will let the children sleep on the couch and fall asleep watching television. It used to work but it seems that anymore they will stay awake and watch movie after movie. We have resorted to turning on the food network so they dont't get as much excitement and will fall asleep easier. My little darling was fascinated by the food network the other night and I could see that he was never going to fall asleep so I changed it to the HSN.

Low and behold you will never guess what was on. Scrapbooking. That's right ladies and gentlemen, by a stroke of pure luck I managed to catch the Premier release of the Martha Stewart Cricut Cake and her new cartridges. During this time they also displayed some wonderful punch sets. Did you know that with Comcast cable all I had to do was hit "ok" to shop. I did not have to trouble myself with filling out any information; I did not even have to dig around for my debit card. It was really that easy; all I had to do was click "ok" to shop. It is almost scary how easy it is. I never ever in my life thought that I would become a HSN shopper.

I have to confess that this is the second time I have purchased something from HSN. Of course it was scrapbook related too. I will have to say that almost everytime I scrapbook or paper craft I use all items purchased from HSN. I also did some price checking and found that I got a pretty good deal. Some stuff is way overpriced. Especially with so many web stores that offer great deals. Making purchases is just way too easy.